Classic bodybuilding Full body (nr2): 4 days/ Week.

Perfect suggestion for you to be classic bodybuilder, 4 days a week.

4 gånger i veckan. 

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Day 1

Chest/ Triceps

1.Chest press dumbbell   5*12

2.Incline smith chest press 4*10

3.Seated cable flyes      3*10 

5.Dips machine           3*10 

6.Dumbbell press close grip  3*10 

7.Triceps Pushdown cable  3*10

8.Machine triceps seated  3*10 

9.Overhead rope tricep 3*10

Day 2

 Back/ Biceps 

1.Lat pulldown close grip  3*10

2.Pull ups   3*10 

3.T bar row 3*10 

4.seated cable rows 3*10

5.Dumbbell row one arm 3*10 

6.Biceps preacher cable close grip  3*12

7.Barbell standing close grip     4*12 

8.Concentration dumbbell curl  3*12 

Day 3


1.Hack machine  5*12 

2.Lunges dumbbell bench 3*10 

3.Leg extension  3*10

4.Lying leg curl machine 3*12

5. Deadlift barbell     4*10 

6.Calf leg press   3*15

7.Calf smith machine  3*15

Day 4


1.Dumbbell raise side  4*12

2. Incline lateral dumbbell raise 3*10 

3.Front raise cable single hand  3*10 

4.upright row close grip 3*10

5.Bent over cable reverse 3*10 

6.Leverage seated row machine 3*10

7.Shrug dumbbell         4*10 

8.Neck              3*12 

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