Shoulder workout (nr3): 1day/ Week

ssp  shoulder bodybuilding  workouts (nr 3) good suggestion to be bigger and stronger. Axelövningar. Axlar.

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Shoulder & neck + Abs

Warm up                                                          5 min

1.Single hand lateral raise dumbbell                3 sets 8 reps

2.Smith machine behind shoulder                    3 sets 8 reps

3. Shoulder machine press                              3 sets 8 reps

4. Seated single dumbbell                                3 sets 8 reps

5. Front dumbbell seated single raise             3 sets 8 reps

6.Bent over cable reverse                                3 sets 8 reps

7.Dumbbell shrug                                              3 sets 8 reps

8. Abs training                                                    5 min

cool down and Stretching.                    5 min


SSPJSSM journal of sport and medicine


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