Handboll- Gym: 2 days/ Week

If you are looking to be professional handball player, these workout can help you. 

1-2 days in a week: Handbollsspelare, Handboll.  

Warm up                            5 min 

1.Barbell clean and press  2*15

2.Lunges dumbbell            2*20

3.Incline dumbbell press  2*15

4.Bridge glutes single leg  2*15

5.Standing rope pushdown  2*15 

6.Dumbbell press                 2*15 

7.Leg Swiss ball curls           2*15

8.plyometric med medicinboll 10 min

9.Elastic band                  10 min

9.Wrist dumbbell           2*15

9.Neck                              3 min

10.Climbers                       2*20 

Cool down and stretching.   5 min 


SSPJSSM journal of sport and medicine



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