Crossfit (nr2)-Cardio: total body, 1day/ Week

CrossFit isn’t only  fitness program but a calculated effort to improve physical competence in each physical fitness capacity (Power, speed, Agility, Balance, Coordination, cardiovascular endurance). 

1.Barbell clean and press                              7-5-3-1

2.Dips gymnastic rings                                   7-5-3-1

3.Kettlebell stand up                                    7-5-3-1

4. Jump rope                                                 2 min

5.Battle ropes exercise  A, B, C                      7-5-3-1

6.Barbell hang clean    7-5-3-1

7.Medicine ball                                                7-5-3-1

8.Lunge jump                                                  7-5-3-1

9.Deadlift barbell                                           7-5-3-1


SSPJSSM journal of sport and medicine



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