Arms workout (nr3): 1day/ Week

Arms Bodybuilding program:

To have bigger arms(nr 3), these workouts can help you.

One time a week. Biceps, Triceps, Wrist.

Biceps, Triceps,Forearms

Warm up                                            5 mins

1.Biceps single cable                         3*10 reps               

2.Barbell lying triceps                         3*10 reps

3.Biceps barbell standing                   3*10 reps

4.Biceps preacher cable                     3*10 reps

5.Biceps dumbbell standing                3*10 reps

6.Triceps cable overhead                    3*10 reps

7.Triceps chest press                           3*10 reps

8. Triceps dips machine                      3*10 reps

9.wrist barbell behind                           3*15 reps

Arm Stretching                           3 min

Hand stretching                                     2 min 


SSPJSSM journal of sport and medicine


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