Chest-Calf workouts (nr3): 1 day/ Week:

SSP bodybuilding chest/ Calf workouts (nr 3)  is good suggestion to have big chest. Bröstträning.

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1.Chest press seated machine                      3*10

Figure Most Muscular (Three variations)       2*20 sec 

2.Dumbbell fly incline                                     3*10

3.Incline dumbbell close grip                          3*10

Figure Most Muscular (Three variations)        2*20 sec 

4.Incline smith machine                                  3*10

5.Chest  cable crossoverPush up              3*10

Figure Most Muscular (Three variations)        2*20 sec 


6.Calf Smith machine                                      3*12

7.Seated calf raise                                          3*12

8.Calf Standing dumbell                                  3*12


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