Crossfit (nr1)-Yoga: Full body, 1day/ Week

Crossfit total body and YogaUgud:

If you are ready for a crossfit full body workout, you can find it here!C

Warm up                                                         5 min

1.Pushup and jumping                                    5-3-1

2.Anatomical position                               5 sec

3.Deadlift barbell                                          5-3-1

4..Right leg standing with lateral raise     5 sec

5. barbell clean and press                             5-3-1

6.Left leg Back muscle balance                 5 sec

7.barbell hang clean                                       5-3-1

8.Lunge alternative hand up                       5 sec

9.Pull ups                                                 5-3-1

10..Stretch back yoga                                  5 sec

11.Battle ropes exercise  A, B,                   5-3-1

12.Flexion/ Extension                     .            5 rep

Stretching                                                       5 rep



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