Back workout (nr 3): 1 day/ Week

These are (nr 3) of the best exercise to build wider and stronger Back muscles.

One time a week.C

1.Lat Pulldown Wide grip  3*14 rep

Figure  Front Lateral Spread  2*15 sec 

2.Lat pulldowns close grip  3*12 rep

Figure  Rear Lat Spread  2*15 sec

3.Lat pulldown opposite  grip     3*12 rep

4.Barbell row underhand   3*10 rep

Figure  Rear Double Biceps 2*15 sec

5.Deadlift barbell      3*8 rep

6.Shrug dumbbell    3*10 rep

Figure    2*20 sec 

7.seated cable rows   3*10 rep

8.Abs Cable crunch     5 min 


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