Resistance band full body: 1 Day/ Week

Elastic band workout to beef up your muscles!

Gummiband träning, en gång i veckan!

Click on each exercise to see pictures!

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Warm up                       5 min

1.Push up 3*14

2.Elastic band biceps      3*14

3.Triceps                         3*14

4.Shoulder press             3*14

5.Side raises                   3*14

6.Chest press                  3*14

7.Incline chest                 3*14

8.Pull ups                        3*14

9.Circuit    1                    10 mins

10.Circuit 2                       3*14

11.Abs workout               3*14   

12.Cardio treadmill           20 mins   


SSPJSSM  ssp journal of sport and medicine


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