Fitness workout (nr2): 3days/ Week

6 week fitness program has been improved to prepare you to reach your goals.

Day 1: Circuit training 30 minutes 

Day 2: Weight training (GYM)

Day 3: Body training/ CardioC


Day 1: Circuit training 30 minutes 

9 stations of 30 sec each repeated for 5 circuit  No rest between exercise, rest between circuit 60 sec.

1. Jump rope 

2.Battle ropes exercise  A, B, C  

3.Barbell hang clean A, B 

4.Medicine ball exercise A, B, C 

5. Plyometric   

6. Swiss ball  A, B, C 


8.Quick feet drills 

9.Elastic band 

–Elliptical machine cardio 15 min 


Day 2: Weight training (GYM)


1.Elliptical machine    20 min 

2.Dumbbell raise side  2*14

3.Leverage machine    2*14

4.Seated leg curl         2*14

5.Rope push down      2*14 

6.Biceps preacher machine  2*14

7.leg press seated  2*14

8.Chest press seated  2*14

9.wrist barbell behind back  2*14

10.Seated calf raise  2*14

11.Abs machine  2*14

12.Treadmill                              20 min 

13.Cool down and stretching. 5 min


Day 3: Body training/ Cardio

Warm up-Yoga            

1.Cycling      10 minutes

2.Single leg squat 2*14

3.Step up single leg 2*14

4.Bosu squat     2*14

5.Single leg leg press     2*14

6.Leg Swiss ball curls 3*14

7.Single leg vertical jump and land     2*14

8.Lateral hope and stick         2*30 sec

9.Skater hop and Stick      2*30 sec

10.Wobble board varieties one leg balance       left/ Right  2*30

11. Treadmill                              20 min            

12.Stretching   10 min


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