Muscle posture: 7 days/ week

For better symmetry and muscularity, body posing needs to be practiced, do these workouts everyday if you want to grow muscle tissue with real muscle structure.
Don’t forget tighten all body muscles while you do exercises! You should begin practicing your poses 7 times per week(Ten minutes a day), aiming to:

hold each pose: 10-20 seconds,

repeat: 3 times,

rest between each pose:10 seconds.

Observe yourself in a full-length mirror.

Click on each exercise to see pictures!

Klicka på varje övning för att se bilder!


A. Relaxing pose  3*10-20 sec

1. Front Lateral Spread 3*10-20 sec

2. Front Double Biceps 3*10-20 sec

3. Side Chest (right/ left)  3*10-20 sec

4. Rear Lat Spread 3*10-20 sec

5. Rear Double Biceps 3*10-20 sec

6. Side Triceps (right/ left) 3*10-20 sec

7. Abdominal and Thigh 3*10-20 sec

8. Most Muscular (Three variations) 3*10-20 sec

9. Side abdominals (Right/ Left) 3*10-20 sec

10.Pose A (Right/ Left) 3*10-20 sec

11.Pose B (Right/ Left) 3*10-20 sec

12.Pose C(Right/ Left) 3*10-20 sec

13. Pose D(Right/ Left) 3*10-20 sec


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