Leg workout (nr5)/ Fat burner: 1 day/ week

Do the following exercises to lose leg fat and tone your leg muscles

You can get best results training 2 times per week.

1.Cycling          10 minutes

2.Single leg squat     2*15

3.Step up single leg      2*15

4.Bosu squat              2*15

5.Single leg leg press         2*15

6.Knee extension           2*15

7.Hamstring curl lying          2*15

8.Squat         3*15

9.Leg Swiss ball curls         3*15

10.Single leg vertical jump and land          2*15

11.Lateral hope and stick              2*30 sec

12.Skater hop and Stick               2*30 sec

13.Wobble board varieties one leg balance       left/ Right  2*30

14.Stretching        10 mins

SSPJSSM journal of sport sciences and medicine



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