Wheelchair assistance and Gym: 3 days/ Week

2-3 days a week

This program is shaped for all guide assistants that work with disabled persons, especially those who work with wheelchair bound persons.

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Day 1:

1.Cycling           15 mins

2.Dumbbell Walking  Lunge        2*10

3.Incline Shrug dumbbell          3* 15

4.Low cable crossover                 2* 15

5.Seated cable row machine        2* 12

6.Biceps standing hammar dumbbell   2*12

7.Chest press incline one arm         2*12

7.Abs                    10 mins

8.Stretch        5 mins

Day 2 :

1.Rowing cardio machine   20 min  

2.Front barbell squat         3*12

3.Kettlebell get up               2*15

4.Deadlift single leg dumbbell (left/ right)    2*12

5.Triceps cable pushdown rope                 2*12

6.Chest press machine                       2*15

7.Barbell clean and press                   2*12

8.Single dumbbell front raise               2*12

9.Back exercises                           10 mins

Cool down 5 mins

Day 3 and Day 4: Home exercises

1.SspYoga 2 mins

2.Music and dance       10 mins

3.Push up   3* 15         

4.Leg standing with lateral raise     left/ Right   2*30 sec

5.Glute bridge one leg         3*15

6.Back muscles balance      2* 30 sec

7.Abs exercises                    5 mins

8.Back exercises                5 mins

SSPJSSM journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine



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