Combat and Gym/ 2 days

Superset workout

6 months before competition,  2 times a week,

Combat sport, fighting sport.

1.Jump rope                                                                  5 min

2.Pushup* Squat jump                                                2 sets 15 reps

3.Chest press dumbbell*Biceps standing dumbbell    2 sets 15 reps

4.Dead lift barbell*Pull up                      2 sets 15 reps       

5.Shoulder single press dumbbell*Parallel dips                    2 sets 15 reps

6.Seated row cable*Barbell clean and press           2 sets 15 reps

7.Resistance band in your sport skills                                5 mins

8.Choose 2 exercises  10 mins : A, Functional exercise. B, plyometric. C, Funnel Run. D,Agility. E, plyometric med medicinboll. F, Quick feet drills. G, quick hand drills.  

9.Jump rope, in high intensity                                         10 mins

10.Abs                                                                             5 mins

11.Stretching exercises                                                   5  mins  


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