Ready to run more/ 2 days

Endurance athletics

Weight raining twice a week.

2 ggr styrketräning för långlöpare.

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Important muscles in marathon:

Gluteus Maximus, Hamstring,  Tibialis anterior, Gastrocnemius and Soleus, Quadriceps, Gluteus Medius, Adductors

Day 1:

Warm up 5 min

1.Squat barbell   3*20 reps

2.Dumbbell lunge 2*15 . reps

3.Butt lift 3*20reps

4.Kettlebell exercise 10 mins

5.Neck: exercise 2*15 reps

6.Standing calf raise   2*20 reps

7.Tibialis anterior with  resistance band 5 mins

8..Stretches 5 mins

9.Reverse flyes dumbbell 2*20 reps

10.Hammer curls alternative 2*20 reps

11.Treadmill backward    15 mins

12.Abs 10 mins

13.Cool down 10 mins

Day 2:

Warm up 5 mins

1.Kettlebell exercise 10 mins

2.balance ball standing

3.One leg kabel kickback 2*20 reps

4.Medicine ball 5 mins

6.Standing dumbbell one leg calf raise 2*20 reps

8.Shoulder back press barbell 2*20 reps

9. chest press  dumbbell 2*20 reps

10.Neck lying face down 2*25 reps

11.Jump rope 15 mins

12.Abs 10 mins

13.Cool down 10 mins

sspjssm- journal of sport and medicine science


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