Bigger booty, smaller body Full body workout.  7 days/ Week.

A weight loss suggestion to have  bigger butt and smaller body.
Rest  90 seconds between each set, Full body workout.


**your body does burn fat faster during low intensity cardio exercise**

Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Home Day5 Day6 Day7 Home
1.Treadmill power walk   20 mins

2. Barbell squats    3 *15 reps

3. Barbell deadlift 3*15 reps

4. Barbell glute bridge 3*15 

5.Elliptical machine     20 mins

6.Abs   min

7.Stretching. 5 min

1.cycling 15 mins

2.Chest press dumbbell 2*15 reps     

3.Seated overhead barbell press 2*15 reps

4.Step machine 20 min

5.Gym ball 10 mins  

6.stretching 5 min

1.cardio Rowing cardio machine  20min 

2.Treadmill interval high level 25 mins

3.crossfit exercise      15 mins

4.Stretching 5 min

Home training

Abs example:

1. leg crunches 2*10

2.climbers  2*20

3.leg raises 2*20

4.Elbow plank 2*30 sec

5.scissors 2*10

6.reverse crunch 2*10


Recovery and


Focus on Vegetables

1.Step training 20mins

2.kick back cable 3*12 rep

3.Butt blaster machine 2*12 reps

4.Pull through cable 2*12 reps

5.Lat pulldown open grip back

2*12 reps

6.Treadmill Power walk 20 mins

7.stretching 5 mins

1.Rowing machine 20 mins

2.cardio Cycle     15 min

3.Kettlebell exercise

15 mins


5 min

Home workout30 minutes dance and Abs training 

Recovery and Focus on Vegetables


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